Royal Canin Sensory Smell Gravy 85g

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Smell is the feline’s strongest sense. Cats possess 200 million odour-sensitive cells in the nose while humans only have 5 million. Your cat’s first contact with food is through their nose and all those powerful and numerous olfactive receptors, which places a lot of importance on that first aromatic impression. This initial contact is further enhanced by sniffing. If a cat is greatly attracted to their food’s aroma, they will sniff less and begin eating immediately, demonstrating an appreciation for the pleasurable meal. That first impression is key to ensuring the feeding ritual is smooth and facilitates the consumption of the right amount of nutrients, as well as an opportunity to connect with your cat and provide fundamental enrichment.

As a result, Royal Canin’s Sensory™ Smell formulas are crafted with an aromatic profile made from sustainably-sourced, ASC certified fish. Sensory™ Smell is characterised by fatty, fruity, and nutty odours that are highly attractive to a cat’s sense of smell. The aroma’s profile has a composition technology that allows odours to diffuse more rapidly and intensely around the food, making for a successful start to the meal and an overall immersive experience for your cat.

Royal Canin Sensory Smell Gravy 85g