Royal Canin Sensory Feel Jelly 12x85g

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During meals, the sensation of different textures in your cat’s mouth strongly influences their feeding experience. This sensory characteristic known as mouthfeel involves the detection of a wide range of physical stimuli inside the mouth. In other words, eating is a tactile (touch) experience as much, if not more, than a gustative (taste) one, for cats. That’s why Royal Canin’s Sensory™ Feel improves mouthfeel, further stimulating your cat’s senses whilst bringing surprise and enrichment to mealtime. Its formulas are crafted with unique gravy and jelly textures that are creamier with a smoother coating that will last longer in your cat’s mouth. The unique natural-cut morsels consist of more stringy meat-like chunks provide appealing variation in textural sensations throughout your cat’s meal.

Royal Canin Sensory Feel Jelly 12x85g