Kong Puppy Med

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Get your pup off to the right start and teach them appropriate chewing behaviour by introducing them to the world of KONG from early on. The KONG Puppy is made from the gentlest KONG rubber, suitable for those delicate puppy teeth and ideal for providing teething relief.
Providing enrichment through play, chewing and interactive toys like the KONG Puppy helps to reduce boredom and can be a powerful tool in addressing separation anxiety and helping puppies adjust to new experiences such as crate training. The KONG Puppy can be stuffed with pastes, treats or your own custom filling recipes to keep your pup occupied and mentally stimulated. The KONG Puppy also has an erratic, unpredictable bounce style which makes it ideal for a game of fetch.
An essential toy for every pup
Made from all-natural rubber
Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
KONG Puppy is made from the gentlest KONG rubber

Kong Puppy Med