Wood Shavings Compressed Bag

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Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings produce a clean and hygienic kiln-dried pine bedding which is marketed under the brand name of Breeder’s Choice.

Breeder’s Choice pine woodshavings are for use as a bedding litter for all types of animals. Our shavings come from only kiln-dried pine and hence have a very high absorbency rate.

Our woodshavings are a high-grade product, which has been specially screened to remove harmful dusts and reduce the incidence of reactive airway disease in animals.

Baled woodshavings are particularly suitable for use in stables, poultry nests and sheds, calf sheds, and other types of animal enclosures.

Our standard poly bale is 0.07 cubic metres (compressed) and provides approximately 0.2 cubic metres of uncompressed volume. We also offer a larger “wool pack” type bale, which provides approximately 1.2 cubic metres of uncompressed volume.

Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings now also supply “Pet Flakes” which have been specifically made for the small animal market. These bags are approximately 1kg in size and are made up of dust extracted woodshavings. As is the case with our larger bales, “Pet Flakes” are highly absorbent and are a 100% natural product. However, the shavings used in “Pet Flakes” are slightly smaller in size to ensure the suitability and comfort for smaller animals.

Wood Shavings Compressed Bag