Torwood Mini Straw Bale

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Torwood Farms Mini Straw Bale 22L is a completely natural hay, made from Barley straw, and suitable for all animals from rabbits and guinea pigs to pigs and horses. Packed in a 22L bag, Torwood Farms Mini Oaten Bale has been sourced from local farms in Australia. A good quality hay can make all the difference in your pets health - it keeps your pet nourished, healthy, and encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It also works as a comfortable and natural bedding substrate for any species including poultry, rodents, or pocket pets.

Natural barley straw hay Suitable for all grass eating species including guinea pigs, rabbits, and horses Comfortable bedding for other species including rats and poultry 22L bag in total

Torwood Mini Straw Bale