T&T No More Stain/Odour 750ml

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When it comes to removing the stinkiest of kitty smells – from kitty poo to kitty barf to kitty spraying (yes, we’ll stop there), Trouble & Trix® No More Stains+Odours Pro Strength is your top cat. This safe, enzyme- and oxygen-based formula gets down deep to destroy catty odours on contact. At the same time, it removes the pheromones so your Tabby won’t be tempted to lift his leg there, again. This fast-drying formula is so cat-tastic that it even removes older, deeper stains and odours. How purr-worthy is that?
Suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, linens, clothing and pet bedding.

T&T No More Stain/Odour 750ml