Strategy-T Paste

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Strategy T is a unique formula of two worming compounds that act together to combat against major Wormers of horses including the benzimidazole (BZ) resistant small strongyles and mectin resistant ascarids.

Strategy T is effective on all susceptible equine Wormers including tapeWormers while being entirely safe on foals, pregnant mares & breeding stallions while all formulated in an Australian made vanilla flavoured paste. One syringe treats all major Wormers in your horse including: Large & small strongyles, ascarids, pinWormers & tapeWormers.

Simply dose at 1ml per 20kg body weight. Each weight marking on the plunger will deliver 5mL of paste which is sufficient to treat 100kg body weight. Each syringe treats a horse up to 700kg.

Strategy-T Paste