Pea Straw 18m2 Rocky Point

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Finely cut and nutrient rich Rocky Point Pea Straw Mulch breaks down naturally to slowly release plant boosting Nitrogen into the soil.

Perfect for edible and flowering gardens, Pea Straw Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds and protect against soil erosion all year round.

Conveniently packed and easy to use, it is both a mulch and soil conditioner. Pea Straw Mulch is perfect for all gardens and potted plants and is suitable to use all year round.


Benefits of Rocky Point Pea Straw Mulch:

Saves watering & improves water retention
High in Nitrogen & other beneficial organic nutrients
Encourages worms & enriches soil
Significantly boosts soil microbiology
Protects soil against erosion & extremes of temperature
Pea Straw is a great worm food and will promote worm activity
Reduces fertilising costs

Pea Straw 18m2 Rocky Point