Optimum Dog 7+ Chic Veg Rice 13.7kg

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As dogs mature their nutritional needs change along with their body. This Optimum dog food has been formulated just for adult dogs over seven years old.

It focusses on providing essential nutrients with the ideal Macro Nutrient Profile: Fat (12%), Protein Carbohydrate (42%) and Protein (12%). The recipe is low in fat to avoid weight gain as the metabolism decreases with age and less activity.

Chicken, vegetables and rice ensure it's a tasty meal that your dog will adore!
Includes a natural source of Glucosamine to help support ageing joints.
Crunchy kibble with the active ingredientsodium tripolyphosphate to help with dental health.
A blend of zinc and omega 6 for skin and coat health.

Optimum Dog 7+ Chic Veg Rice 13.7kg