Maxisoy 20kg

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A quick soaking, molasses and cereal grain free, super fibre pellet for all horses. Feed smaller amounts for weight loss and larger amounts for weight gain.

Maxisoy+ should be introduced into your horses diet gradually. We recommend feeding Maxisoy+ in conjunction with a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement as well as hay/pasture.

Maxisoy+ can be fed dry or wet however is designed to be fed wet and can be soaked with up to 5 times its volume in water. Use less water for a light fluffy mix, and more water for a porridge consistency mix. Feed is ready to be fed within 5 minutes of adding water or can be left soaking overnight ready for your morning feeds.

As a general guide horses require 2% of their body weight in feed (dry weight) daily to maintain condition. This is inclusive of pasture, hay, and other feeds.

Maxisoy 20kg