!!!Forage Lori Apple 1kg

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Forage’s Wet or Dry Lorikeet Bird Food Blends are designed specifically for lorikeets.

Made in Australia, Forage’s Lorikeet food can be fed to your bird dry, or blended with a little water – and they’re available in two tasty flavours. Whichever you choose, your feathery friend will be thrilled!

Australian made and owned
Created specifically for domestic and exotic lorikeets
Developed in conjunction with avian specialists
Feed approximately ten percent of your bird's body weight
Can be fed either dry or add water until the blend is slightly runny
Wet food should only be offered fresh every day
Made with macro and micro nutrients
Also includes added prebiotics for gut health and smooth digestion, amino acids for a healthy body and calcium for strong bones and eggs
Forage recommends offering your bird fresh fruits and veggies every day, for a balanced diet

Soy protein concentrate, dextrose (sugar), dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, maize starch, NuPro hydrolysed protein methionine, lysine, choline chloride (salt), vitamins, minerals, acid-pak (probiotic), protein 14.5% energy 4850k/cal and calcium 0.6%

Flavour: Apple

!!!Forage Lori Apple 1kg