Bio Supplies Crickets - Medium

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Crickets are suitable for most predatory fish such as Oscars & Grunters.
The nutritional benefits of feeding Crickets to Reptiles and Amphibians has long been known. In addition, some pets will only accept live food, as their appetite is stimulated by the movement of food items.

Crickets add variety to your fishes diet, as well as providing an additional source of essential vitamins and minerals. Crickets are suitable for most predatory fish such as Oscars, Grunters. They are also ideal food for specialised surface feeders such as Archer Fish, Butterfly Fish, Hatchet Fish, Half Beaks and Saratoga.

On arrival, Crickets should be kept in a cool area. Your AI Cricket Container holds some egg carton which provides surface area around which the crickets can move.
It also contains pellets for the absorption of waste, along with a slice of carrot which provides food and moisture.
If you are keeping your AI Crickets for long periods, additional fresh food (carrot or lettuce) may be needed.
We recommend replacing the carrot no later than 4 days after purchase and then every 4-6 days after that.
Discard any old, uneaten carrot as it can develop mould which will harm your crickets

Bio Supplies Crickets - Medium