50g Mealworms

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Plump, nutrient rich  Mealworms provide a natural insect food for birds and lizards in the aviary or garden. Pisces mealworms are a clean and easily handled food for many pets, and adds variety to your animals diet. Mealworms are an ideal source of protein for seed-eating birds; especially important at breeding time. Eco-gardeners believe that feeding wild-birds in their yard naturally encourages insect foraging birds to keep the garden clear of pests.

How to feed
Feed mealworms straight from the container or transfer them to glass or crockery bowls with five centimetre slippery sides to prevent their escape. The birds will quickly learn to sort out the mealworms from the bran, especially if you put only mealworms in the bowl for the first few times.

50g Mealworms